Select a PodOps Connect Plan

To begin using PodOps Connect for your podcast promotion and marketing needs, you’ll first need to select a plan. To do this, visit your account’s Connect section (located in the left-hand menu).

From the Connect dashboard, click Settings on the left:

On your first entry, click the Active Plan tab and then click the Upgrade button to view plan options:

From the dropdown; select the number of contacts you have in your Subscriber list(s). Be sure to consider contacts you may individually add or bulk upload:

Available Connect plans will appear on the screen based on the number of contacts you select. Click Activate on the plan that best fits your needs:

Upon clicking Activate, the payment screen will appear. If you have a saved card on file, you can Proceed to Pay or select the option to Pay With New Card. You’ll see the credit card entry fields if no card is on file. Follow the prompts to complete your Connect activation and start messaging!

Please note that if you wish to select a higher-level plan, you will follow the same process. This can be done at any time.