Episode Ordering

Your episodes are ordered by the publish date. If you need to change the order in which they appear, you can do so by changing the publish date. Once the publish date is changed, this typically refreshes instantly in PodOps Hosting and can take 24 to 48 hours, sometimes longer, to update in podcast directories.

When you publish more than one episode on the same day, they will be ordered by the time of publishing. Meaning, that the first episode published on a specific day will appear first.

You can select how your episodes are defined for podcast directories in the Podcast Info area of your podcast. Most podcasts are listed as Episodic, meaning they are listed in the order they are published. This works best for most podcasts. You can also select Serial, which is more common for podcasts that tell a story that builds with each episode and you need to listen to them in order. These two settings are for the podcast directories. Episodes are always listed by publish date in the PodOps Player.