Create Your First Podcast

Here we will cover how to create a new podcast and add basic information about your podcast.

As a new user logging into PodOps Hosting for the first time, you will initially see a dashboard ready for your podcasting journey.

Podcast #

In the left navigation, click on Podcast. You’ll find a pink button in the upper right corner, which reads, Create a new Podcast. Go ahead and click the button to begin. The pop-up that appears will have a text box where you can enter the name of your brand new podcast. Click Create once you’ve entered a name.

Create a New Podcast

Podcast Tile #

A Podcast Tile will be created for your new show. From here you can launch your podcast to upload and edit episodes, by clicking Manage. You can also use the toggle next to your show’s name to disable your podcast at any time and hide it from public view.

It’s important to note, that all podcasts you create begin on a Free Plan. Episodes expire 120 days after being uploaded to a Free Plan. You can Upgrade to a paid plan at any time to prevent episodes from being deleted.

Podcast Info #

Clicking Manage launches the Podcast Management Portal. You’ll notice new navigation, specifically for your podcast. Begin by clicking Podcast Info at the top of the left navigation. Here you can upload your show’s podcast cover art, banner art for your podcast website and populate all the important information about your show. Remember to click Save at the bottom of the screen when you have finished making updates.

Podcast Info

You have now created the basic information for your first podcast!