Connecting Your Podcast to Podopolo

As part of our partnership with Podopolo, PodOps Hosting users have access to a free Podopolo Pro account. To take advantage of this incredible offer and all of Podopolo’s tools, follow these steps.

Log in to your PodOps Hosting account by clicking here.

Click Podcast in the left navigation:

Click the Manage button on your podcast:

Click Directories in the left navigation:

Click Get Listed on the Podopolo tile:

Scroll down to Step 1 and click Connect Podcast; this will open a pop-up to create your Podopolo password:

Please note – we display your PodOps Hosting username, which will also be your Podopolo username. Enter a password and click Subscribe:

Your Podopolo account has been created! In Step 2, click the Apple App Store or Google Play Store button to download the Podopolo app:

Enter your username and password and enjoy all of the benefits Podopolo offers!