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Multiple Podcast on a Single Plan

Podcasting should not break the bank. Many podcasters are ambitious and have multiple shows. The traditional podcast hosting model is all about one show, one hosting plan. Not anymore! PodOps Hosting allows you to add multiple podcasts to any of our paid podcast plans. This means you can use all of your monthly upload hours for your shows.

Getting Started #

You will need to already have at least ONE podcast on a PAID PLAN to add a second podcast to the same plan.

Note: If your podcast is on a free plan, you’re able to upgrade your plan when adding your second podcast.

Navigate to the Podcast Management Area of your account. In the upper right corner click on ‘Create a New Podcast’ to open the Podcast Creation Pop-Up.

On the Podcast Creation Pop-Up you will see two options after entering the name of your new podcast.

Plan Types #

  1. Select a Plan: This will create a new, individual hosting plan for your podcast
  2. Add this podcast to an existing podcast plan: This checkbox will display your active hosting plans and allow you to add your new podcast without creating a new hosting plan

After making your selection click on Create. The page will refresh and you will see your new podcast in the Podcast Management Area.

Shared Plan Icons #

Once you’ve created a new podcast that shares the plan of another podcast, you’ll notice it has two icons.

  1. Yellow ‘!’ Icon: This indicates your podcast is sharing a plan. Mouse over the icon to see the podcast name and plan that are the parent. We note this as you can have multiple plans each containing their own shared podcasts
  2. Dollar Icon: If you ever decide to move a shared podcast onto an individual plan, you can click this icon to do so

Shared Upload Time #

It’s important to be aware of how many hours are available in your podcast hosting plan each month. If you are sharing your plan across several podcasts, you may use your allotted hours faster than you are accustomed to. Remember, if your monthly plan has 5 upload hours, this is shared by all podcasts sharing a single plan. The counter at the top of the Episodes Tab will reflect the total time consumed across all shared podcasts.