Non-Profit Registration

PodOps Hosting allows non-profits to register and receive tips from podcasters. We know podcasters are naturally philanthropic, and we think we can make it easier for podcasters to discover and support great organizations.

Register as a Non-Profit (aka Organization Account) #

To begin the very short registration process, visit: and enter the required fields.

Once you add your Organization Name, Email and Password, click on Create Account. The page will present you with the final items we need to verify your 501(c)3 status.

Add the required details on this form and submit. This will send the information to our support team for verification. We try to verify your 501(c)3 status within 2 business days. You’ll be notified by email once your organization is approved. Once approved you can configure your account to accept tips from podcasters.

Account Verification Status #

The yellow icon indicates you are awaiting verification.

The green icon indicates your account has been verified.