Upload Podcast Cover

Your podcast cover is a visual representation of your show. It’s going to appear in podcast directories, on the embeddable players, and on your podcast website.

Podcast Info #

To upload a podcast cover, you need to navigate to the Podcast Info section of your show.

From the Dashboard (the first page you see upon logging in) click Podcast in the left navigation, click the Manage button on the show you are planning to update, and from the newly refreshed navigation (you’re now in the Podcast Management Portal) click Podcast Info.

Podcast Episode Cover Artwork #

Click on the Red Camera icon on the left side of the screen to upload a new cover for this episode of your podcast. This will be displayed in your podcast player for this specific episode.

Podcast Website Cover #

Click on the Red Camera icon on the upper right side of the screen to upload a website cover image for your podcast website.

Best Practices #

File Types: Save your cover as a JPEG or PNG file

Shape: Ensure your podcast is square.

Size: You want to have a cover no smaller than 1400 x 1400 pixels and no larger than 3000 x 3000 pixels. We have a 2MB upload limit and suggest you save your file as a JPEG with the dimensions 1400 x 1400 pixels.

Pro Tips! #

Make sure your cover clearly conveys your brand by displaying your logo and/or podcast show name.

Avoid adding unnecessary text that will clutter the cover.

Apple recommends: Avoid putting important artwork elements at the bottom fifth of your image as they may be obscured by play progress, labels, or subscription offerings.