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Podcast Ratings and Comments

Ratings and Comments #

All podcasts have comments and ratings enabled on the episode pages. This allows your audience to give you feedback, engage with one another, and rate your episodes.

Podcast Ratings and Comments

Subscribers can: #

  1. Provide a 1 to 5-star episode rating
  2. Share thoughts and feedback on episodes
  3. Like and reply to other comments on episodes

Average Ratings #

Ratings for your episodes will calculate an average rating that appears on the individual episodes. A total number of ratings will be listed at the top of your podcast.

Podcast show and episode ratings

How to Subscribe #

When someone attempts to provide a comment or rating and they have not yet subscribed to your show they will be prompted to do so. They simply need to click the Subscribe Button in the upper right corner of the podcast website. A pop-up will ask for a name and email. This will allow your new Subscriber to join the conversation.

Subscribe Now button

Your new Subscribers will also enjoy the added benefit of receiving an email each time you release a new episode. As new Subscribers sign up, the metrics on your PodOps Hosting Dashboard will report this growth, and you’ll be able to track new users from the Subscribers tab in your account.

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