Set Your Episode Type, Season, and Episode Number

We offer three episode types to you. The primary function of these is to update Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and your PodOps Podcast Website.

Full Episode #

A full episode is the most commonly used episode type. If all your episodes have numbers and you would like them to be ordered based on those numbers use this option. Episode numbers are optional for <itunes:type> episodic shows but are mandatory for serial shows. Selecting the full episode option also ensures your episodes appear from newest to oldest.

Trailer Episode #

A trailer episode is typically used as an introduction to your podcast. It’s a great way to give potential listeners a taste of your show before they fully commit. Episodes using this Episode Type will appear in the Apple Podcasts App at the top of your podcast listing for individuals not following you.

Bonus Episode #

Bonus content is a way to encourage listeners to subscribe to your PodOps Podcast Website. Bonus content is available only to subscribers and can help you build your email list. Each subscriber is asked to give their name and email. Subscribers also receive email notifications when you publish new episodes.

Note: Private #

As a bonus way to make any of your episodes available to only your subscribers, you can use the Private Checkbox. This will allow you to mark your content as the best type for the podcast directories and still make it available only to your subscribers on your PodOps Podcast Website.

Seasons #

Episode Season is a required field that you need to populate for each of your episodes.

If you publish your podcast in seasons then this is the place to tell podcast directories like Apple Podcasts and iTunes and your listeners about the season number.  Entering a Season # will order your episodes correctly in Apple Podcasts and iTunes, as well as other directories, and give new listeners a good starting place for your season-based ordering.

If you don’t publish your show in seasons then we suggest entering ‘1’. This will keep all of your episodes together in one ongoing season, rather than breaking episodes into multiple seasons.

Episode Numbers #

Episode Number, just like Episode Season, is a required field. Giving each episode a unique episode number is going to allow for some neat things when it comes to Siri and other AI interfaces. You can say, “Hey, Siri, play episode 10 of [Insert Podcast Title].” Pretty cool right?!

If you migrated to PodOps Hosting from a platform that didn’t require an episode number, we strongly encourage you to go back through and update your episodes with an episode number. Each of these new fields in your podcast RSS feed is designed to give better control over the searchability and filtering of your podcast content, so the more details you can give directories like Apple Podcasts and iTunes, and your audience – the better!