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Set Your Episode Type

We offer three episode types to you. The primary function of these is to update Apple and your PodOps Podcast Website.

Trailer Episode #

A trailer episode is typically used as an introduction to your podcast. It’s a great way to give potential listeners a taste of your show before they fully commit. Episodes using this Episode Type will appear in the Apple Podcasts App at the top of your podcast listing for individuals not following you.

Bonus Episode #

Bonus content is a way to encourage listeners to subscribe to your PodOps Podcast Website. Bonus content is available only to subscribers and can help you build your email list. Each subscriber is asked to give their name and email. Subscribers also receive email notifications when you publish new episodes.

Private #

As a bonus way to make any of your episodes available to only your subscribers, you can use the Private Checkbox. This will allow you to mark your content as the best type for the podcast directories and still make it available only to your subscribers on your PodOps Podcast Website.