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Edit Podcast Audio File

At times you may need to upload new or replacement audio for an episode. This can happen if you upload the incorrect file or if you simply need to replace the current file.

  1. Log in to your PodOps Hosting account
  2. Click Podcast in the left navigation to view your Podcasts
  3. Click the Manage button for the Podcast you want to update
  4. Click Episodes in the left navigation
  5. Click the Pencil Icon on the podcast you want to upload new audio
  6. Drag and drop your new audio file, or click Replace Your Audio File, to upload a new file
  7. The file will process and save, returning you to the Episode page
Replace Audio File

New file updates can take 3-5 minutes to appear throughout the system. If you have a very large file it may take a few more minutes.

If this episode has already been released your subscribers will not be notified about a new episode.