How to move your podcast feed from a self-hosted server

Import your RSS feed to PodOps Hosting #

If you haven’t already done so already, create an account with PodOps and log in. Then click RSS Feed Import in the left navigation and search for your show by dropping in your current RSS Feed URL and clicking Search:

  • Once you’ve hit the Search button, your podcast will appear. Confirm this is the correct podcast and click Import Podcast.

Now you get some options!

Option 1: Do you want to import these podcast episodes into your existing PodOps Host podcast?

Selecting this option will allow you to import episodes into a podcast you’ve already created on PodOps Hosting. After clicking Yes you will see a dropdown to select from any existing podcasts you’ve created with us.

Option 2: Do you want to import these podcast episodes as a new PodOps Host podcast with the same name?

Selecting this option will allow you to import your podcast, exactly as it is, same name and all, from your self-hosting service.

Option 3: Do you want to import these podcast episodes as a new PodOps Host podcast with a new name?

Selecting this option will allow you to give your existing show a fresh new name. After clicking Yes, a Podcast Name field will appear, allowing you to create a new name for your podcast.

Once you make your selection, click Import. This can take a few minutes depending on how many episodes you’re importing. Once complete, you’ll see your podcast on the Podcast Dashboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By default your podcast imports as a free account. You are not required to upgrade, but it’s important to be aware that your content will delete after 120 days on the Free Plan. If you want to retain your content, you can click UPGRADE TO SAVE, and select any available plan. The only exception is if you utilize option one, and that podcast is on a paid plan.

Your content has now migrated and you can click Manage to start editing your episodes and uploading new content. Happy Podcasting!

Redirect your feed #

Set your web server to return an HTTP 301 redirect to your new PodOpsHost RSS Feed URL.

To ensure that the redirect is active, open your web browser and enter the address of your old feed URL, and hit enter. You should be taken automatically to your new RSS Feed URL.

You can read Apple’s guidelines directly here:

Update your podcast feed in Apple Podcasts Connect #

Log in to Apple Podcasts Connect and update your podcast with the new PodOps Host RSS Feed URL.

Upon saving, Apple Podcasts Connect will update your RSS feed URL and display your podcast in the dashboard along with the Scheduled for Update status. 

Allow up to 24 hours for the change to appear on the iTunes Store.

Remember: it’s important that you keep your redirect in place for about 2 weeks after switching to ensure that the redirect is successful and permanent.

Please note, if you are using additional directories, such as Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc. you need to update your RSS Feed in each directory. Within your PodOps Host account, there is a Directories tab with steps for each directory we are integrated into.