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Podcast Stats

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It’s easy to see a roll-up of the statistics for all of your podcast episodes in one place.

To get started, click on Podcast in the left navigation, click Manage on your podcast, and lastly click Analytics in the left navigation. You’ll see a similar chart to that of the image below.

  • 1. Summary Totals: These numbers are inclusive of all episodes since publishing your first episode
    • Views: Number of visitors to your PodOps Podcast Website
    • Shares: Number of shares from your PodOps Episode Players
    • Plays: Number of plays on your PodOps Episode Players (Episode plays count after 5 seconds)
    • Downloads: Number of episodes downloaded from your PodOps Episode Players
    • Subscribers: Number of individuals who have subscribed through your PodOps Podcast Website
  • 2. Date Ranges: Choose between 7 Days, 30 Days, and This Year to adjust the graph
  • 3. Data Points: Select a data point to see performance statistics on a specific date
  • 4. Graph Totals: These totals will reflect the date range selected at the top of the graph

Directory Statistics #

We are continuing to refine the data we receive from directories to help make it as clear as possible how your podcast is performing.

If you have submitted your podcast to directories like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify, you can click the links to access those sites. We recommend occasionally reviewing your statistics within the directories to have a full picture of your podcast’s performance.

Directory Apps

For each of the directories you have integrated with PodOps Hosting, we report back the views your podcast has received on that platform. This indicates the number of times your podcast has been viewed on each platform.