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Add Podcast Sponsors

You have the ability to add sponsors to your podcasts and individual episodes. Once you’ve logged in, you can access the Sponsors Dashboard by clicking Sponsors in the left navigation.

Add your first sponsor by clicking the pink Add Sponsor button in the upper right corner.

Sponsor Details #

Add the details for your sponsor.

Headline: Up to 40 characters

Description: Up to 280 characters

Sponsor URL: This is typically a link to your sponsor or a referral link provided to you by a sponsor.

Sponsor Artwork: Add a JPEG or PNG file to display a sponsor logo. The recommended size for this image is 250 x 150 pixels.

Click Add This Sponsor when you’re finished to save.

Sponsor Management #

On the Sponsor Dashboard, you will now see your newly saved sponsor.

You have three available icons to manage saved sponsors.

  1. The Toggle allows you to activate and deactivate a sponsor. Note: A sponsor must be active (toggled on) to appear on a podcast website or podcast episode page.
  2. The Settings icon will allow you to Update saved sponsor information or Delete a sponsor entirely.
  3. The Cog icon will expand a menu and allow you to assign a sponsor to one or more locations.

Assign to Podcast: This will apply your sponsor to an entire podcast. This means the sponsor will appear on the main podcast website and every episode page.

Assign to an Episode: This option allows you to assign a sponsor to only specific episodes. If you have multiple podcasts, you can see the episode name and the podcast name for easy sorting.

Assign to All: This option allows you to assign a sponsor to every podcast and episode in your account. It’s similar to option one but assumes you have two or more podcasts and makes it that much faster.

Remove From All: This will remove a sponsor from any place they appear on a podcast or podcast episode.

Sponsors appear at the bottom of your PodOps Podcast Website and Episode Pages. If you add more than one sponsor for either, the sponsor information will rotate through every 10-seconds.