Move a Podcast Off PodOps

If the time comes to end your podcast and you would like to move your podcast to a new host, we’ll be sad to see you go, but we want to ensure you have all the information you need. Follow these steps.

After logging in to PodOps Hosting, click on Podcast in the left navigation, and next click on Manage on the podcast tile for the show you wish to delete. Finally, click on Cancel/Redirect in the left navigation.

In the Redirect box, click on Redirect Your Podcast Feed to begin the process.

Steps to Redirect (on the Screen) #

Step 1:

Click the button: Backup your podcast. This will allow you to download your podcast content.

We suggest keeping a copy of all your content. After completing this process, content older than 120 days will be deleted.

Step 2:

Set up your new hosting account

Set up your hosting, and if you use an import tool to move, triple check everything has migrated to the new platform before completing this process.

Step 3:

Update your embedded players

If you’re using awesome PodOps Hosting embed players on your website, and be sure to replace them with players from your new host. Once content older than 120 days expires, the players will stop functioning.

Step 4:

Click the button: Validate your NEW RSS feed

Use the Podbase Podcast Validator to ensure your new RSS Feed is problem free before completing this process.

Step 5:

Enter your new RSS Feed URL to implement the redirect and click the checkbox to confirm you want to fully redirect your podcast away from PodOps Hosting.

Click the button: Redirect Your RSS Feed

Once you begin this process, it cannot be undone. The redirect may take up to 72 hours to be fully effective. You will also need to update each podcast directory you have used to list your podcast with your new RSS Feed URL.