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Directory Support Contacts

We are always here to help, and that includes ensuring you have the contact information of the most popular podcast directories.

Apple Podcasts: podcastsupport@apple.com & Support Guide

Spotify: podcasters-support@spotify.com

Google Podcasts: Podcast Manager Support Form

Stitcher: support@stitcher.com

Amazon: podcasters@amazon.com

iHeart Radio: iHeart Radio Help, click the Contact Us button.

Pandora: Pandora Help, click the Email Us button.

TuneIn + Alexa: support@tunein.com or Support Form

Podcast Addict: support@podcastaddict.com

Podchaser: contact@podchaser.com

Deezer: support@deezer.com

Listen Notes: hello@listennotes.com

Overcast: feedback@overcast.fm or @OvercastFM

Pocket Cast: Pocket Casts Help

PlayerFM: support@player.fm

Castro: Support@Castro.fm or Castro Help

Castbox: contact@castbox.fm

Podcast Index: info@podcastindex.org