Get Your Podcast into Apple Podcasts & iTunes 

Apple Podcasts is one of the most widely used directories for discovering and enjoying podcasts. It’s also the most popular iOS podcast app.

This guide will help you get your show listed in Apple Podcasts!

Add Your Podcast Info #

Ensuring you complete all required fields with accurate information is an important first step in getting your podcast approved and listed within Apple Podcasts.

  • Apple uses the Podacst Title and Artist field for the search feature in Apple Podcasts. Avoid stuffing keywords in these sections, or your podcast may be rejected.
    • Some directories use more than one podcast category. Apple Podcasts uses the first one listed. We keep things streamlined by ensuring our categories are in sync with Apple Podcasts. Select a category that is appropriate for the content you are publishing. This will determine how Apple Podcasts categorizes your podcast within their charts.

Add Your Podcast Cover #

Unique podcast cover artwork is required to get listed in Apple Podcasts.

Your cover art must meet Apple Podcasts’ requirements:

  • 3000 x 3000 pixels
  • Resolution of 72 dpi
  • JPG or PNG file type
  • RGB colorspace 

Please Note: PodOps Hosting allows you to upload a website cover image for the podcast website we provide. This is not added to your RSS URL Feed and will not be visible within Apple Podcasts.

Upload Your First Episode #

Apple Podcasts requires every show to have at least one episode to get listed. 

Your first episode can be a podcast trailer, teaser, or full episode. 

From the main dashboard (the first page you see upon logging in) click Podcast in the left navigation, click the Manage button on the show you are planning to upload an episode for, and from the newly refreshed navigation (you’re not in the Podcast Management Portal) click Episodes.

Upload a New Episode

From the Episodes screen, you will see previously uploaded episodes, as well as the amount of time remaining in your podcast plan for the current billing period. Click Upload a New Episode to get started.

Upload a New Episode

Drag and drop your audio file into the upload area or click the button to choose an audio file from your desktop.

We support most audio file types but recommend a WAV file or high-quality MP3 file format for the best results.

After selecting your file, a progress bar will appear as the upload begins. The length of time will vary based on the size of your file.

Update Episode

Once your file is finished processing, you will be able to enter the episode details. Here you can add your episode Title, Transcript, Episode Number and Season, Episode Type, Summary, as well as update Artist and Guest(s).

Click Save when you finish entering details. Click back to return to the Episodes page.

Submit to Apple Podcasts #

After uploading your first episode, click Directories in the left navigation. Your RSS Feed URL is always listed at the top of this page for easy access. Locate the Apple Podcasts tile and click Get Listed.

Note: The following instructions are on the Directories tab within the Apple Podcasts Tile.

Copy your RSS Feed URL.

Click the button: Launch Apple Podcasts Connect Website. You will need an Apple ID account to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts.
If you don’t have one, you can easily create an Apple ID account for free.

After creating or logging in to your Apple Podcasts account, click the ‘+‘ next to Podcasts and click New Show.

Select: Add existing show (RSS feed)

Enter your PodOps Hosting RSS Feed URL then click: Add

Review podcast information and click .Submit for Review.

Typically, this takes about 5 business days but could take up to 2 weeks. You’ll get an email once your podcast is approved.

Once your podcast is approved by Apple, add your Apple Podcasts URL in the PodOps Hosting directories section. This will ensure the Apple Podcasts icon appears in your embed players and on your podcast website.