Activate a Phone Number

To send SMS messages, you’ll first need to add a phone number to your account. This is required before you will be able to send SMS messages. Even with an active Connect plan, you cannot send SMS messages if a phone number has not been added to your Connect account.

To add a phone number, visit your account’s Connect section (located in the left-hand menu).

From the Connect dashboard, click Settings on the left:

Once in Settings, adding your phone number is as easy point, click, activate:

  1. Click SMS Account Settings
  2. Enter your mailing address in the available field (IMPORTANT: Our SMS phone number provider uses Google to verify addresses. You must enter your address exactly as it appears on Google Maps. Click here to look up your address on Google Maps.)
  3. Click Submit
Sms Activation Podops Connect

Please note: In the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, you will see an option ‘Emergency Address Enabled.’ You are required to check this option to continue. The countries require that all phone numbers be available for use in an emergency. A list of available phone numbers will appear. Select the one you would like to use. This can’t be changed, be sure you want the one you select.

4. Click ‘Add’ next to your preferred phone number:

Note: We can’t guarantee a number in any specific city. The numbers that appear are those available at the time of your activation.

Upon successfully adding a number to your account, you will see a screen like this:

That’s it, you’re ready to start sending SMS messages!