Submitting to Directories

If a podcast is recorded and never played, was it worth all the time and effort?! Maybe… But it’s much better when people are able to fund your podcast on their preferred app – this is where directories come in handy. To help you get listed on popular directories like Apple Podcasts, we’ve made it to easy for you to access the information you need to get listed in top podcast directories.

Can PodOps Hosting do this for me? #

Technically, we could. But, we prefer not to. Why? It’s important that you retain ownership of your directory account log-in information. This makes it possible for you to see reviews across platforms, view reporting certain directories offer, make feed changes, and if you ever choose to move your podcast to a different host (sad face), you’ll be able to.

Gettings Started with Directories #

Each directory has its own timeline on how long it will take for your podcast to be reviewed, approved, and published. In some cases, it can happen in 2 to 4 days, but with certain directories (we’re looking at you Apple) it’s not unusual for this process to take 2 to 4 weeks.

We recommend launching your podcast with a few episodes to give your listeners a good dose of what you have to offer. However, we know you may be eager to submit to directories before your show has episodes ready to enjoy. In this case, you can upload a trailer episode to give a quick taste of what your podcast will be about.

Click here to learn more about how to Set Your Episode Type.

Click here for tips on creating different types of Trailers.

Podcast Info #

When you create a podcast and click Manage for the first time, you see the Podcast Info page. We suggest populating all fields, but at a minimum be sure to complete the required fields. These are required by podcast directories to properly display information about your show.

You can always make updates to your Podcast Info page, but keep in mind that changes can take a few days to appear in directories once you have a published account.

Podcast Info

Start Submitting! #

Once you publish your first episode, or trailer, you can start submitting to directories. Go to the Podcast Management Portal by logging in clicking Podcast in the left navigation, click the Manage button on your podcast, and finally, click Directories in the left navigation.

Here you will see integrated directories. Click Get Listed to see the directions and how to submit your podcast to a directory.

Pro Tip! #

Keep an eye on your inbox. Most podcast directories will send you an email once your podcast is approved with your public listing URL. You can use this, as well as your PodOps Podcast Website to grow your subscribers!