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Podcast Comment Moderation

We want to give you the option to decide if comments posted to your podcast episodes are immediately approved or held for moderation.

You can learn more about Episode Ratings and Comments in the article here.

To enable Comment Moderation you need to be within the Manage area of your podcast.

Enable Comment Moderation #

  • From the left navigation select Website
  • This will refresh the screen and allow you to select the Settings Tab near the top
  • Lastly, scroll to the bottom and toggle on Comment Moderate

How to Moderate Comments #

With Comment Moderation enabled, you will now be able to moderate comments directly from your podcast Episodes Tab.

Navigate to the Episodes area, listed in the left navigation. Hint: This is also in the Manage area of your podcast.

If you see a number next to the speech bubbles on any of your episodes, this indicates there are comments on your episode. Click the episode title to open the comment thread.

Any comments with a Red Clock in the corner are being held for moderation and awaiting your approval. Click the menu icon to the right of the Red Clock to open the Publish and Delete options. If you Publish a comment it will appear on your podcast website within that episode. If you Delete a comment it will be permanently removed.

If you Publish a comment, you can always decide later to Delete it from your episode. You’ll notice after publishing that you can also Hide a comment. This will make it visible only to you as the podcast website admin.

IMPORTANT: When you are logged in to PodOps Hosting, you will see all comments awaiting moderation on your podcast website. As the admin of your website, comments awaiting moderation are always visible to you.