Terminology for New Podcasters

If you are new to podcasting, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with common terminology. Here are some popular podcast terminology and their definitions:

  1. Podcast: An audio program that can be downloaded or streamed over the internet, typically consisting of a series of episodes.
  2. Episode: A single installment of a podcast.
  3. RSS Feed: A type of web feed that allows users to subscribe to updates from a podcast, similar to a blog RSS feed.
  4. Show Notes: A summary of the content discussed in a podcast episode, often accompanied by links and resources mentioned in the show.
  5. Host: The person or people who lead a podcast, often responsible for introducing topics and guests, as well as guiding discussions.
  6. Guest: A person invited to appear on a podcast episode, typically to provide expertise or insights on a particular topic.
  7. Binge Listening: Listening to multiple episodes of a podcast in succession, often referred to as “bingeing” on a particular show.
  8. Subscriber: Someone who has signed up to regularly receive new episodes of a podcast as they are released.
  9. Intro/Outro: The opening and closing segments of a podcast episode, typically including music, show name, and host introductions.
  10. Ad Spot: A segment of a podcast episode devoted to advertising or sponsored content.
  11. Sponsorship: A form of advertising or promotion where a brand or product is featured on a podcast in exchange for payment.
  12. Download/Stream: The act of either downloading or streaming a podcast episode, depending on the listener’s preference.