PodOps Launches Newest Feature to Podcast Marketing Suite

Media Contact:
Brittany Fowler

Baltimore, MD (December 14, 2023) – PodOps, a full-service podcasting platform, unveiled their newest feature today called PodOps Connect. Connect is an add-on service that provides subscribers with access to user-friendly email and SMS marketing solutions designed to increase user reach and connection with their audiences.

What sets Connect apart is the ability it provides PodOps podcasters to automatically synchronize their website subscribers’ preferences and effortlessly manage their contacts — both individually and in bulk — all while adhering to permission-based outreach. This feature release is one more step forward in PodOps’ mission to create a holistic podcasting platform and streamline marketing efforts for podcasters.

“Connect builds on the PodOps foundation and adds another unique opportunity for users to more actively engage with their subscribers through email announcements and push notifications when a new episode drops or they have an exciting guest announcement,” said PodOps Technology Officer Rob Winters. “This is our latest step forward in PodOps’ mission to create a holistic podcasting platform that maximizes the user experience.”

As a full-service platform for podcasters looking to build and market their brands, PodOps offers a suite of tools to execute a hosting and marketing strategy that spans all aspects of promotion with features like Podder Analytics, Podcastipedia, Pod Pointers, Studio (Coming January 2024), and more.

Community connection is part of the framework of PodOps. With a background in non-profit marketing, Winters wanted to offer a way for 501(c)3 organizations with limited resources a way to expand their efforts and connect with their supporters. Podcasting 4 Good offers non-profit organizations a free account on PodOps Hosting with access to all services. Individual podcasters on the platform can also give back by donating any tips they receive directly to their non-profit of choice, turning their digital impact into a physical one.


About PodOps:

PodOps Hosting serves as a comprehensive podcasting hub designed to cater specifically to independent podcasters. Our platform is meticulously crafted to provide a seamless and encompassing user experience, aimed at eliminating the obstacles encountered when starting a podcast. Moreover, we’re dedicated to democratizing the podcasting landscape by ensuring affordability for all, enabling aspiring creators to share their stories and ideas without financial constraints.