5 Places to Get Podcast Music

5 places to get Podcast Music

Are you starting a podcast? One thing you’ll need is music for your intro and outro. As tempting as it is to want to download your favorite song from iTunes, don’t do it; copyright infringements can cost you big when you get caught. The good news is there are services to help find the perfect music for your podcast. I’m going to go over my top 5 places to find a piece for your podcast.

Pixabay (Free)

Pixabay is a free, open-source platform where you can download music without worrying about copyright. You have the option to search by genre, mood, movement, and theme, making it easy to select the best music for you. The bonus for this platform is that it offers free stock images and stock videos.

The Free Music Archive (Free)

The Free Music Archive is another free option for music for your podcast. The site has a large selection and allows you to filter by genre, feeling, energy, and if you want vocals in the track.

YouTube Audio Library (Free)

YouTube Audio Library allows you to get a free license from youtube to utilize the music as long as you don’t break any of their rules. Otherwise, you would be in breach of the license, and it could create a copyright issue for you.

Jamendo (Pay Per Track)

Jamendo has pay by track or a monthly subscription, depending on your needs. When you purchase a track from them, all the rights are included. They also have some free tracks for use, so this site has a great mix of options for you.

SoundStripe (Subscription)

Soundstripe is an excellent option if you work on multiple shows and need access to more than one track. They also have some playlists you can listen to, to help you choose a track like staff favorites, weddings, etc. The site is easy to use and makes the process of selecting music a breeze.
These are all great options, and it just depends on how frequently you will be changing or needing music. If you need help navigating this space, we’d love to help! Reach out to us here, and we can help you put together some music options for you.