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Pro Tip: Get a Podcast Coach

If you have started a podcast, there may be several things you would like help with. Sometimes you may need help with speaking and how your audience perceives your message. This includes tone, pitch, and inflection, which I discussed in an earlier blog; you can check it out here. This is where a podcast coach can come in and help you identify areas that can be improved. This includes the cadence of your podcast, how to provide value, and to help you create an engaging atmosphere on the podcast.

How do I find a coach?

There are many ways to find podcast coaches. Finding a full-service agency is your best bet in finding a podcast coach and services to enhance your podcast. Also, if you search for “podcast coaching,” you will discover podcast coaches on Google and other search engines. A great way to meet podcast coaches and determine if they would be the right coach for you is to attend podcast conferences like Podcast Movement Evolutions in Los Angeles, CA, or Podcast Movement in Dallas, Texas, in 2022. If you do attend the LA conference, look us up, as the PodOps team will be there! Can’t make these events? Here is a complete list of conferences for 2022.

How much does a coach cost?

Podcast coaching is a low-cost way of improving your podcasting skills. Compared to other podcasting-related services (such as podcast hosting), podcast coaching is typically very affordable, costing $100 to $500 per session. Keep in mind that this can also be bundled with other services keeping the cost low for the value.

What are the benefits?

Podcast coaches can help you improve your podcast by increasing its visibility, improving audio quality, and making it sound more professional. Podcast coaches can also help you improve your podcasting workflow and increase podcast productivity.

Podcast coaches can teach podcasting skills such as:

  • Podcast editing (trimming, equalization, compression)
  • Podcast recording (sound levels for various microphones, noise removal)
  • Podcast publishing (monetizing a podcast with advertisements or offers to affiliate products)
  • Podcast updating (how to distribute podcast episodes, how often to publish podcast episodes)
  • Podcast speech and execution
  • Podcast coaches can also help you improve your podcasting workflow and show you podcasting productivity techniques such as:
    • Using apps and tools to automate podcast production tasks
    • Utilizing templates and other forms of automation in podcast creation and editing processes
    • Podcast planning
    • Podcast product testing (e.g., podcast equipment testing)
    • Podcast researching and podcast pre-producing (coming up with podcast topics, podcast preparation before recording)

What are the disadvantages?

Podcast coaches, like other human resources, come in many different flavors. Some coach more around sound quality, while others coach podcasting workflow. Some podcast coaches may also have podcasting-related services that they sell, such as podcast monetization, podcast marketing, podcast promotions, and podcast sponsorships. Do your research, make sure your goals are clear and that you jive with the coach you choose, and you will see success in your podcast. To learn more about podcast coaching or book a free consultation reach out to us, and we can help with many services, including coaching and pre and post-production services.

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