3 Tips For Dealing With Pod Block

When you’ve had your podcast for a few seasons, or maybe even after a few episodes, it can suddenly feel like you’ve hit a wall. You’re staring at your idea pad and coming up with nothing. You’ve got the dreaded pod block.

Never fear – you can work through this and we have three tips to help you.

Idea Generators

There are lots of idea generators on the web, you just need to do a quick Google search. Portent has one specifically for podcasts that can be a lot of fun, because it often comes up with some ridiculous titles.

This is a good way to get your creative juices flowing. You may not actually use, “Save your marriage using only guests,” [yes, this was a title that was actually generated] but it can help you shake the slump of frustration and get back on track.

Invite an Expert to Guest

There are experts in every conceivable field, and there are content creators who are looking for platforms to promote their brands and ideas. If you are looking to expand your episode count and diversify your audience, find an expert in the same genre as your podcast and invite them on as a guest. Most people are happy to be interviewed when it gives them an opportunity to share what they know and get some free self promotion.

Explore Similar Podcasts

Is there a similar podcast to your own that has recently talked about a hot topic or interesting something? Can you bring a unique perspective to the topic, or even present a counter argument that would add value to the conversation? This could also make for an interesting debate, if you want to try and have a cross-over episode with the other host, which does revert back to the last tip.

The point here is, if you can deepen the conversation on a topic that is being discussed, you can utilize and build on existing content. Just be sure you aren’t simply reiterating what was said on another podcast, that’s not going to keep your audience engaged and it’s podcast plagiarism, which nobody likes.