27 Excuses People Use To Avoid Starting a Podcast

Fear and excuses can be the biggest obstacle in preventing would-be podcasters from getting started. Here are 27 excuses we’ve heard that have stopped podcasters from experiencing the joy of podcasting.

  1. It’s too time-consuming
  2. I don’t have anything interesting to say
  3. I’m not a good enough writer
  4. I’m not a good enough speaker
  5. I don’t know how to edit audio
  6. I don’t know how to market a podcast
  7. I don’t have the money to start a podcast
  8. It’s too difficult to start a podcast
  9. I’m not tech-savvy enough
  10. I’m not creative enough
  11. I don’t have anything unique to offer
  12. I’m not an expert in anything
  13. I don’t think anyone would listen to my podcast
  14. It’s too expensive
  15. I don’t have anyone to help me
  16. I’m too shy
  17. It’s been done before
  18. What if I fail?
  19. It’s too much work
  20. I’m not ready
  21. You need to have a professional voice to start a podcast
  22. People won’t listen to your podcast if it’s not perfect
  23. You need to have interesting stories to tell on your podcast
  24. You need to be funny or entertaining to start a podcast
  25. You need to be articulate and well-spoken to start a podcast
  26. You won’t be able to make money from your podcast unless you’re famous
  27. Your podcast won’t be popular unless you get on iTunes top 100 charts

Don’t let fear stop you from diving in and starting a podcast. Even if you are completely new, you’ll find that the podcast community is a friendly and welcoming world that will lift you up and support you. Explore our blog for other tips and tricks to get started, use PodOps Hosting to start a podcast for free, and connect online to join the conversation.