20 Hilariously Terrible Podcast Topics

  1. How to alienate your friends and family with your terrible taste in music
  2. The joys of living with roommates who are slobs
  3. Why you should never trust a used car salesman
  4. The perils of online dating
  5. How to make the perfect PB&J sandwich (hint: there’s no such thing)
  6. Why you should never put ketchup on a hot dog
  7. The best (and worst) ways to procrastinate
  8. How to deal with annoying telemarketers
  9. The joys of being a middle child
  10. Why you can never have too much caffeine
  11. The perils of working in customer service
  12. How to deal with difficult bosses and co-workers
  13. The joys of living in a small town
  14. How to deal with traffic jams
  15. Why you should never trust weather forecasts
  16. How to deal with jet lag
  17. The best (and worst) places to travel
  18. How to deal with homesickness
  19. The joys of being an introvert in a world that values extroverts
  20. How to deal with anxiety and depression

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