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10 Prompts for Crafting Podcast Themed Blogs

Looking for some podcast themed blog prompts to get your creative juices flowing? Here are 10 ideas to spark your creativity!

The story behind starting your podcast

Share the backstory of your podcast, including what inspired you to start it, any challenges you faced, and the journey so far.

A spotlight on your favorite episodes

Choose a few of your favorite episodes and write a blog post highlighting what made them special. Share key takeaways, memorable moments, and the impact they had on you or your audience.

Podcasting tips and tricks

Share your insights and expertise on podcasting. Write blog posts about the technical aspects, audio editing, interview techniques, or any other tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way.

Understanding your podcast's niche

Explore the niche or industry your podcast focuses on. Write blog posts that delve deeper into the topics you cover, provide valuable information, or offer unique perspectives to your audience.

Interviewee updates and follow-ups

If you’ve interviewed notable guests, provide updates on their work, achievements, or relevant news since their appearance on your podcast. This helps your audience stay connected with the guests and their ongoing projects.

Podcast recommendations by theme or genre

Create blog posts that curate podcasts related to specific themes or genres. Provide descriptions and insights for each recommended podcast, making it easier for your audience to discover new shows.

Lessons learned from podcasting

Reflect on your experience as a podcaster. Share the lessons you’ve learned, personal growth, or any unexpected discoveries you’ve made along the way.

Exploring listener stories

Encourage your listeners to share their own stories related to the topics you cover. Select interesting or inspiring stories and share them on your blog, highlighting the impact of your podcast on your audience.

Podcast event and conference recaps

If you attend industry events, conferences, or podcasting festivals, write recap blog posts sharing key takeaways, highlights, and interesting encounters. A recap can help those who couldn’t attend stay informed.

Book or resource reviews

Review books, courses, software, or tools that are relevant to podcasting or the topics covered in your podcast. Provide honest feedback and recommendations to assist your audience in finding valuable resources.

Remember, these prompts are just starting points. Feel free to adapt or combine them to suit your podcast’s unique style and audience. Regularly providing fresh content on your blog will not only keep your audience engaged but also help attract new visitors to your website.

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