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Live Trainings

Connect 101

Join us June 28, 2024, at 12:00 PM EST as we learn:

  • How to navigate PodOps Connect
  • Create Email and SMS Campaigns
  • Send 1 to 1 SMS messages

Missed a Training?

Studio 101

Click watch to learn how to do the following on PodOps Studio:

  • How to navigate PodOps Studio
  • How to start a live stream
  • How to record

Hosting 101

Click watch to learn how to do the following on PodOps Hosting:

  • How to create a podcast

  • How to Import a podcast

  • Adding podcast cover art

  • Adding your first episode

  • Customizing your player

  • Connecting directories

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Hiya! We're PodOps

Discover PodOps, a podcast platform crafted by podcasters for podcasters. Our mission is to provide an all-encompassing solution for creating, hosting, marketing, and growing podcasts at an affordable price. Differentiating ourselves, we offer extended trial periods and the ability to audio and video podcasts on a single plan, aiming to save our podcasters money. Embracing the spirit of giving back, we champion initiatives like Podcasting 4 Good.

Join us on this journey, supporting an independent platform and breaking free from the corporate mold. Let’s amplify your podcasting experience together.