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You’re too Sick to Record a Podcast. Do This Stuff.

Everyone gets sick at some point. You catch a cold, your allergies go crazy, and it takes you down for a few days. As a podcast host, you are always aiming for the best possible sound quality. Unless you have a very specific, sexy type of podcast, a raspy, scratchy voice is not what you want your audience to hear when they press play. When you do catch a bug and need to step away from the microphone, here are some ways you can use the time curled up on the sofa or in bed to get ahead of the game.

Social Media Prepping

This can be a constant struggle. One moment you are a few weeks ahead with your social post planning, and then you’re back to day-by-day posting and it’s stressful. If you’re stuck on the sofa, and have your next few episodes already planned out and produced, work on creating the videos, soundbites, and graphics you’ll use across your various social media channels. It’s one more thing off your plate when you’re back on your feet.

Write a Blog...or Two

We blog, clearly, as you’re reading this now. Blogs are a great way to build content for your site, improve your search engine optimization ranking, and support domain authority growth. Setting aside the time to write blogs can be difficult when you’re a one person circus. Sick? Since you’re probably already sitting down, start pounding out some of your ideas on the keyboard and see what you come up with. Having a few extra blog posts ready to share is always a benefit.

Seek Out Guest Spots

Since you’ve been scrolling endlessly on social media, sipping hot tea, or maybe a Hot Toddy (no judgement, I like the way you think), why not download PodOps and start looking for guest spots on other podcasts? Yes, I’m adding a plug here. Appearing on other podcasts as an expert in your area is a great way to cross promote yourself to a larger audience and even build your audience in the process. Plus, we let you left and right swipe just like Tindr. It’s a little addictive!

Get Ahead on Editing

That folder of raw episode audio has been waiting for you. Since you’re trapped in the house, now is a great time to start editing and getting your episodes ready for release. We always say it’s good to have 3 to 5 episodes scheduled for release, but there’s no reason you can’t have more.

Take a Day Off

I’m a bit of a hypocrite when I give this tip. That’s because, I have an awesome head cold at the moment, I’ve been trapped in the house for four days, and I’m at my walking desk, literally walking to get my steps in while I write this blog. My A-type personalities out there will understand the crazy.

However, it’s good to give yourself some time to recuperate. Take a day or two to breathe, reboot and recover. Then you’ll be ready to hit the mic hard!

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