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Too Many Hats?

Are you a small business owner wearing multiple hats, then you aren’t alone. Most business owners wear more than six hats to keep their business operating. Small companies typically have to decide what positions they can afford to hire and which ones they can handle on their own. Owners can get in the habit of taking on too much and having a hard time delegating tasks leading to burnout working long hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays. According to Xero, more than 77% of small businesses said they feel the effects of burnout at work some of the time. It’s essential to know at what point and what areas you can bring on additional help, whether that be a full-time employee, part-time employee, or a vendor to help meet your needs. One area that most small business owners take on themselves is marketing. According to Leadpages, 47% of business owners handle marketing efforts on their own. On average, they spend less than 2 hours a week, focusing on marketing. Insufficient marketing can lead to issues with being able to bring in new customers and establish your organization in the community. Small business trends claim small business owners should be spending at least 20 hours a week focusing on marketing. If you look at the recommended numbers of daily posts for social media according to the experts, you should target to have the following to have an effective marketing strategy (this can vary depending on the industry):
  • Facebook: 1 to 3
  • Twitter: 5 to 15
  • Instagram: 1 to 2
  •  LinkedIn: 1 to 2
Content to achieve the minimum postings for social media can take hours to create, especially when you only have 2 hours or less a week to dedicate to marketing. Most small businesses can’t afford to have a marketing department making it a challenge to achieve a marketing strategy that aligns with their marketing goals. If you are wearing too many hats outsourcing your marketing to a team of experts can be a great solution, if you are looking for help with marketing and can’t afford to hire a full-time employee. Most marketing firms have multiple options and strategies to fit your business approach and your budget. Questions?  Get in touch! For more information about the benefits of hiring an outside firm, feel free to contact us for resources and insights to help you get your digital marketing back on track.

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