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Get to Know the PodOps App

Last week we had the opportunity to introduce the world to the PodOps app; An all-new way for Podcast Show Hosts and Guests to meet. Here we will take you through some core features to get you familiar with the app and help you get up and running fast.

Your Profile

  • Photos and Video: You can upload a profile photo, as well as a profile banner. Your profile photo will appear in the PodMatch area and serve as your first impression for other users. If you decide to upload a short video intro, that will appear at the top of your profile. Your profile banner will be visible if no video has been uploaded.
  • Tags: When editing your profile, you can add your bio, social links, and select 2 tags, or 5 if you decide to upgrade your account. Tags are what connect you to similar users and will begin to provide you the machine-learning ‘Enhance Your Profile’ questions.
  • Preferences: Here you will set how and when you prefer to meet with other users. Your settings will tell the calendar tool what to suggest when setting up interview dates and times.
  • Enhance Your Profile: These questions will appear on your profile once you’ve set your tags and entered your basic details. Each day you’ll have the opportunity to answer 5 questions, 10 if you decide to upgrade your account. These questions help the app learn more about you and score you and other users for exceptional interview recommendations.

Your Dashboard

  • Bookings: By tapping the pink Bookings tile, you can view and manage all of your active and completed interviews.
  • Recent Matches: This number will change as you continue to match with other users. Tap the tile to jump into the PodMatch section and browse.
  • Featured Guests: If you use the ‘Boost’ feature in your profile, you will appear here for 24 hours and be visible to more users.
  • Top Guest/Show Recommendations: Scroll to browse top matches and click to view their profiles.
  • Your Rating: After completing interviews, you’ll be prompted to leave a review. These appear on your profile and will help other users get to know more about you.
  • Total Earnings: If you’ve set a booking fee and connected Stripe, you can keep track of your earnings here.
  • Ways To Grow Your Profile: We’ve added some ideas to help you craft the best possible profile. Simply check off the options as you go.

PodMatch, Search, Chat

  • PodMatch: In this section you can browse other user profiles. You’ll note the scores growing as you begin to match with others. Click on any user to launch their profile. Right swipe on those you’d like to connect with, left swipe on those you prefer to not. You get 25 swipe per day in free accounts, and unlimited swipes if you decide to upgrade. When two users right swipe on one another it will launch a chat. You’ll also launch a chat when you ‘Book Now’.
  • Book Now: Hosts can book a Guest at any time.
  • Request to Book: Guests can request to book a time to be on a Hosts show.
  • Search: All users have access to search to refine the users they see in PodMatch. When you upgrade, you’ll see additional search features that let you get down into the details of who is visible to you in PodMatch.
  • Chat: In the chat section, you can use text, audio, and video to connect with other users right in the PodOps app.

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