9 Tips to Grow Your Podcast

Podcasts are now mainstream. More than 70 million people listen to podcasts every month, and podcasting has seen impressive growth in the last two years. Podcast listeners are from all over the world, from multiple age groups, and from every country, making this an exciting time for podcasters.

Podcasts can be a great tool for businesses because podcast listeners are engaged, active, and forward-thinking. Here’s an easy guide to help you grow a podcast following:

1. Quality Content

Your podcast needs to be informative and easy to follow. It needs to help your audience solve a problem or answer a question. If you’re podcasting for a business, your podcast should be helpful to your audience.

2. Engage Throughout the Day

Launch your podcast with a podcast app and podcast directories like buzzsprout or podbean. Once you’ve launched your podcast, follow up with podcast directories and podcast apps. Talk about industry news throughout the day on your podcast, and engage with podcast listeners through social media.

3. Pick a Great Podcast Name

A podcast name is the first thing podcast listeners will see when they search for podcasts. Make sure your podcast name is short, simple, and easy to remember. Podcast names that are too long won’t be searched for and can be difficult to locate.

4. Make it Easy to Listen

Make your podcast RSS feed simple and easy to use. If podcast listeners can’t easily listen to your podcast, they won’t listen.

5. Create Podcast Artwork

The podcast artwork should be eye-catching and professional-looking. podcast artwork can be the deciding factor on whether podcast listeners choose to listen or not.

6. Make it Easy to Subscribe

Podcast directories will feature podcast listings that are easy to subscribe to. Your podcast should be shown in podcast directories and podcast apps, and it should be easy for podcast listeners to subscribe.

7. Get Podcast Reviews

Podcast listeners will rate and review your podcast in podcast directories, podcast apps, and social media platforms. The podcast reviews need to be engaging and eye-catching.

8. Market Your Podcast

Marketing your podcast will help it stay visible, so podcast listeners can easily discover your podcast. Market your podcast on social media, in podcast directories and podcast apps, at events, and by emailing podcast listeners. There are also services you can use for advertisements like AdervitiseCast or PodGrid. There are several other services out there for you to launch ads with.

9. Be Consistent

Once you have podcast listeners, keep them listening by being consistent with your podcast releases and podcast marketing. If you disappear it will be difficult to get people to come back to listen to your show if you aren’t providing the content. Podcasting is a fun hobby and can also be a great revenue stream if you market and grow your following. I hope these tips have helped you just remember to be patient as success takes time. If you need help with getting started reach out to us at Pod Ops, we provide guidance on how to get started, editing and producing shows, and helping you plan a strategic launch.