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How To Be A Good Podcast Guest

Podcasts are fun, but they also take work, scheduling, and preparation. If you are going on a podcast, here are some quick tips to be a good guest.

Be Prepared

When you agree to go on a podcast, make sure you understand what the show is about and know what types of questions they will be asking. For a podcast like Digitiv, where we interview entrepreneurs, guests should answer questions about their business journey.

Test Your Equipment

Invites are sent in advance, so make sure you can utilize the software the show is using, such as Zoom or Teams. If you have never used these before, make sure you try them out in advance to ensure you can log on with no issues, and if there are issues, you can fix them in advance. Also, check your internet connection because nothing is worse than interviewing someone that keeps cutting out (more on this later).

Good Location

Audio quality is crucial for a podcast. Editing can turn into an overwhelming task. If a guest is in a noisy area, it is nearly impossible to get the audio to come out to a good quality in which you would feel comfortable sharing it on a professional podcast. So make sure you have somewhere quiet with no echo to record. This includes your internet connection, if the recording is only catching every 3rd or 4th word, it’s unusable, and you either have to attempt to rerecord or scratch the interview/episode altogether.

Be On Time

When recording and producing a podcast, people usually schedule these for a reason. They are running on a tight schedule and need to time the interviews appropriately. Podcast shows may be scheduled back-to-back interviews to meet the demand of the release schedule.

Cancel In Advance

Life happens, and people can be understanding of that. If you need to cancel, do so in advance. Interviewers spend a significant amount of time reviewing information about you to ask specific questions relevant to you, making the podcast more exciting and allowing for a better interview. Canceling a few minutes before or even an hour prior is not good etiquette and can cost the podcaster time and resources. I hope these quick tips help you to be a great podcast guest. If you are an entrepreneur interested in being a guest on the Digitiv podcast, contact us here, and we will get in touch with you.

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