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One of the main problems I saw in the podcast hosting space when launching PodOps Hosting, was that the hosting providers would sell you a plan and only allow you to place a single podcast on that plan.

For myself, this often meant upload hours went to waste each month. I had multiple podcasts, but my provider at the time forced me to buy a plan for each podcast. This meant I had two plans, each allotting me 5 hours per month, and I was losing 2 to 3 of those hours on each plan.

This felt like a huge waste of money… and time.

Making It Happen

In all honesty, allowing multiple podcasts on a single plan is something I wanted available the day PodOps Hosting went live to the public. Unfortunately, development doesn’t always work like that. However, the team continued to work and focus on the solutions to make it happen. It took months of iterations to make it function in a way that was seamless and works for existing and new users.

The result: The ability to have two or more podcasts on any of our paid plans with the click of a button.

The why: This saves you money. As a podcaster with multiple podcasts it is now possible to utilize all of your monthly upload hours.

The Goal

As a podacst hosting company that is new to the game, we don’t have the overhead of the players who have been around for decades. This means we can stay true to focusing on our core goals:

  1. Making podcasting accessible to everyone (aka affordable)
  2. Creating a fully inclusive suite of products for podcasters

This is another step forward in sticking to our core goals. I’m proud to give podcasters a way to save on the cost of hosting and keep all of their shows active.

Rob Winters
Founder, PodOps Hosting

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