How to Get More Listeners for Your Podcast

According to Statista 78% of Americans are aware of podcasts or have a vague idea of what they are. Of this group, 57% have listened to an audio podcast at least once. Sorry YouTubers, we’re not counting you in this stat. Finally, and to no surprise at all, the most popular app for listening to podcasts is Spotify.

I share all of this because it gives you a starting point for considering who your audience is today, and the pool we are working with to try and nab news listeners moving forward.

Free Options

  • Social Media: Obviously, right?! You want to get the word out about your podcast, start doing so by promoting it on social networks you are proficient at using. Work up to those that may be outside your comfort zone. By that I mean, if you aren’t ready to dance on TikTok for your show, start with Facebook and grow over time.
  • WordPress: Create a website, or at the very least a landing page, where you can create a hub for all the places someone can listen to your podcast. I speak from experience when I tell you that people don’t always know how to look up and listen to podcasts. Make it as easy to get to Spotify, Amazon, or wherever, as is humanly possible.
  • Friends & Family: You need to get comfortable being your biggest advocate. [Kindly] force your friends and family to listen, review and share your podcast. They are your built in network.

Paid Options

  • Podcast Addict: This paid service is pretty easy to use. You paste the RSS feed for your podcast into a box, and the system will quickly review and categorize where you can advertise. For example: Digitiv. The Podcast. Is suggested to appear under ‘Business’ at $400 for a month or across all categories for $4,500 during the same month. The nice thing is you know the estimated cost up front. You also are given estimated clicks, but they aren’t a guarantee. If you go this route, I suggest you pick a targeted category, rather than the broad “all categories” option.
  • Overcast: This app is similar to the option above. You will be advertising to people who have downloaded this app to listen to podcasts and your show’s ad will appear below the player in the app. Like Podcast Addict, you can pick a category and the price differs based on demand. I should mention, both of these tools have limited slots each month in each category, so if you are slow to act, you may need to wait a month for your desired category.

You can also mix and match the options you use to advertise and reach new listeners. A strategy we’ve used is to start with the free social networks and grow into paid advertising as we had budget available.

Remember, there is no reason to break the bank. Start small, be nimble and think big.