Time Zone: Control Your Publish Time

By default, the PodOps Hosting platform uses the UTC +0 (Coordinated Universal Time) time zone. UTC +0 is 5 hours ahead of New York City’s standard time and 4 hours ahead of New York City’s daylight saving time.

This means that left as-is, scheduled podcast episodes are released on UTC +0. We know PodOps users are around the globe and want to drop their latest episodes when it is most convenient for them.

Do so by going to your profile in the upper right corner and clicking Profile.

Under Basic Information, click on Update. Check that you don’t have a pop-up blocker active, as it may prevent you from seeing the menu.

Enter your city name in the Search Box. Once you locate the correct location, click the Apply button.

After clicking Apply, you will receive a pop-up to confirm your selection, and you’re done! This will not change the time entered into already scheduled episodes, but it will change the time zone. This means scheduled episodes will use your local time zone rather than UTC +0.