PodOps Genie

Note: As of June 25, 2024, PodOps Genie is included in PodOps Hosting plans Audio Pro and higher.

Unleash the PodOps Genie to empower your podcast creation efforts! After uploading a new episode, you can click on the PodOps Genie button to determine how much magic assistance you’d like.

Select one or more options, and Genie will review your audio/video content to produce an episode title, show notes, and a transcript.

The episode description is a new feature available to all users, and Genie can also provide content for you. This text-based content allows you to provide more in-depth information than you might in your show notes. Be aware that episode descriptions are not included in your RSS Feed (your show notes and transcript are included).

Point, click, and Geniefy It! Your wish is Genie’s command!