Cross-Promos Are King

When you have your own show, the number one question is, “how do I grow my audience?” It takes patience. Nothing happens overnight, and it will take time to increase your audience. Let’s talk about Cross-Promos; what are these? It’s where you have your show promoted on other podcasts in exchange for you promoting or shouting out the other person’s podcast.

There are a few ways to do swaps that are both lucrative and successful for your audience podcast growth. Keep in mind that cross-promos work because you are engaging an audience that is already listening to a podcast and has a similar audience. Engaging with an existing audience makes it more likely they will listen to your show.


This is when you find a show similar to yours, and you reach out and ask if they are willing to do a shout-out for your show, and you will do a one for theirs. This is a way to get exposure without it costing money. These swaps are a win-win since you will also have similar audience sizes and are still trying to monetize your podcast and gain traction with your audience engagement.

Dual Episodes

This is an excellent option if you are also looking for additional content for your podcast. Reaching out to another podcaster with expertise in a topic to create an episode you can both use in your podcast stream is a win-win. This option creates content for both people and can save you time for content creation, especially if you offer to send the edited episode to the person, so they just have to add their own intros/outros and publish it. Both podcasters get exposure to different audiences, and it’s another episode they can add to their roster.

Guest Exchanges

This works very similarly to the dual episodes, except you would go on each other’s show and have two separate episodes you could utilize and promote. You get access to their audience, and they get access to yours, making this a win-win.

These options are free and work well when you have similar audience sizes. If a show has a larger audience than yours, they may ask for a fee to shout out your show, and they may not be as willing to be a guest on your show, but it never hurts to ask! I suggest you do some research and work on how you can cross-promo your podcast to gain audience growth.

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