Creating Your Own Buzz When Launching a New Podcast

It’s no secret that most podcasters are operating on a tight budget. One area that is easy to skimp on and try to save a few dollars is marketing. To help you launch your new podcast, here are some tips to create your own buzz.

Make it an Event

The two weeks leading up to your podcast release date, make a big deal out of it across social media. If you’re on Facbook, make it a point to create an event that you can invite friends, family, and followers to. It’s an easy way to get their eyes on your podcast cover, share your trailer, and give the initial release date some good press.

Actually, Host an Online Event

The day your podcast drops – go live across your social networks. Think of it as a mini listening party. You can promote your planned time on X social platforms, and even host an AMA (ask me anything). This is a great way to engage listeners about the content of your show, and let them learn more about yourself. You never know what your audience may be interested in knowing, and letting them ask is the best way to find out. You may even walk away with new episode ideas.

Post, Post, and Post

The two weeks leading up to release day, and even afterwards, be sure you are online posting across social media daily. This doesn’t have to solely be promotional posts. Twitter is a great place to engage with other podcasters in discussions about their shows, trends, tools, and so much more. Reddit can be great for answering questions, as well as getting answers. The more content you can create around yourself and your show, the better!

Take Advantage of Promo Posts

Many podcasters and companies in the podcasting space put up a weekly post where you can self promote. This is a great opportunity to share your show’s URL once it drops and get potential listeners tuning in. Be sure to share the love and explore the other links in the posts where you self promote. You’ll be rewarded with good karma.

Explore Trial Offers and Free Tools

You need marketing collateral for social media. Vista Create is a great tool you can use for free to create imagery. If you are familiar with Canva, this is along the same lines. These types of tools also save you time if you aren’t a Photoshop pro, and give you professional looking graphics that will ensure you have what you need to get your marketing plans off the ground in a visually appealing way.

The most important piece of a successful launch is getting yourself out there and making connections. The podcasting community is highly connected and full of people who want to see you succeed. Take full advantage of connecting with others online. The more involved you become with the community, the more rewards you will experience from this awesome group of content creators.