Top 3 Reasons to go to a Conference

At PodOps, we have been in the process of launching a new app to match podcast hosts to guests. We have many strategies to get the app out there, and one of our big ones is to go to conferences with a heavy focus on specific podcasting and tech conferences. I want to talk about the top 3 things you will get from conferences.


This is one of the best networking opportunities you will have. You will meet experts in the field, the biggest companies in the same vertical, and new customers. Connecting with these people can make a big difference in your business, and some of these people may end up being your most significant assets in the future.

Connecting with Customers

Going to conferences is a great way to meet with customers. This is more effective than a phone call or email. It allows customers to ask questions about your product and services in real-time. Conferences are unique because they give you a pool of engaged customers, which is not something you get in other settings.

New Technology

Conferences are a great place to see what new technology is coming out; it’s also an excellent opportunity to get any new products your company is launching out. People attending conferences are decision-makers or can influence decision-makers when it comes to adopting a new product or service. These are my top 3 reasons to attend a conference; there are many other benefits you gain as well. Don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities. Get on the conference circuit for 2022 to help grow your business! We are excited to be on the conference circuit this year with our app; it will give us opportunities we would not have in any other setting. If you’re a podcast host or guest looking for a simplified way to book, check out PodOps to streamline your process today! If you’re attending Podcast Evolutions in LA or the Podfest Expo in Orlando, I’d love to meet you! Send me an email at, and let’s connect!