5 Tips on How to Use Audiograms

There are so many ways to market your podcast and one of them is using audiograms. I want to share some tips on ways you can utilize them to promote your podcast.

Use a Summary of the Episode

Use a one or two-sentence summary of the episode to grab your listener’s attention. Make it short and sweet, something that will make the reader curious enough to want to click on the image and listen. Include a link to your website or another place where they can listen or download your episode.

Posting Audiograms

Posting audiograms is a great way to get people excited about your new episodes. On the flip side, it can also create an added distraction to your website if you post them too often, making it crucial to find the right balance. You don’t want to post an audiogram every time you release a new episode because it could irritate your readers and make them want to unsubscribe from your podcast.
I suggest posting them between two and four times a month to get the most out of your audiogram posts. That seems to be the magic number that’s just enough for your readers to get excited, but not too often where they’ll get irritated.

Create a Custom Audiogram

If you have a podcast theme or your show is centered around a specific topic, it could be interesting to create an audiogram with your podcast theme in mind.

For example, if you have a show about avocados, you could take out all of the audio clips in your episode about avocados and place them on top of an avocado-shaped piece of art. Then you can create a custom audiogram and post it somewhere you know your listeners are likely to see it. You can use this tactic with any theme, not just food, and you can even match different themes with each episode!

Use Audiograms to Tease your Episodes

You can use audiograms to build interest in a topic or episode you have coming up in the future. Put a little teaser at the bottom of your audiogram, something like “Coming up next week on episode X” or “The conclusion to this story tomorrow.”

Use the Power of Images

Let’s face it; most people are visual learners, and they like to see things rather than read about them. Audiograms are visual images, so they can help attract the attention of your audience. The good news is that audiograms work well on most social media platforms. You can post them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to name a few. Some social media platforms don’t work as well with audiograms. For example, LinkedIn doesn’t allow links in images, so audio files can’t play when people click on your audiogram. You also won’t be able to use audiograms on Snapchat, Messenger, or WhatsApp because these are closed platforms.

There are many good reasons to start using audiograms to market your podcast. A well-designed audiogram can grab your listeners’ attention, build excitement for your upcoming episodes, give people something to look forward to, and even help you reach a wider audience.
Have questions? Reach out to us here, and we would love to help you with all things podcast-related!