20 Terrible Podcast Title Ideas

Sometimes a great idea is hidden inside a terrible idea. And, sometimes, you simply need a laugh to find your inspiration. Here are 20 terrible (or great, depending on your sense of humor) podcast title ideas.

  1. The Worst Podcast Ever
  2. A Podcast for People Who Hate Podcasts
  3. The Most Boring Podcast in the World
  4. A Podcast About Nothing
  5. The Most Pointless Podcast on the Internet
  6. A Show About Absolutely Nothing
  7. The Least Interesting Podcast in the Universe
  8. A Podcast for People Who Are Bored of Podcasts
  9. The Most Unimaginative Podcast Title in Existence
  10. A Show That Will Make You Fall Asleep
  11. Boring, Dull, and Uninspired: A Podcast
  12. Snorefest: The Sleep-Inducing Podcast
  13. If You Can Stay Awake Through This, You Win a Prize
  14. We Tried to Make This as Bad as Possible: A Podcast
  15. This Is the Worst Idea for a Podcast Ever
  16. Do Not Listen to This Podcast Unless You Want to Waste an Hour of Your Life
  17. We Regret to Inform You That This Is a Podcast
  18. Please Do Not Listen to This Terrible Show
  19. What Were We Thinking? A Retrospective on Our Worst Idea Ever: Making This Podcast
  20. From the Makers of the Worst Movie ever Comes the Worst Podcast Part 2!

What terrible (funny) titles have you come across in real life? Share them with us on social media.